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Live from RADIOKISMET with Christopher Plant

Jun 24, 2020

Christopher Plant talks with Kathryn Blessington about her travels to India, her yoga practice, getting into real estate, her company Philly Proper Real Estate, and her plans for the future including investing in affordable housing projects with companies like Small Change.


Jun 12, 2020

Bela Shehu moved from Albania at the age of 17 with just $300 and a backpack. Now, Bela is an iconic fashion designer here in Philadelphia and owner of NINObrand.

Bela talks about how the apparel business can develop to reward creatives and designers, and not just the producers. Bela shares her spiritual/scientific...

Jun 12, 2020

Christopher Plant talks with Craig Grossman about the future of creative communities after Covid-19. Craig Grossman is a partner in Arts + Crafts Holdings, in the Spring Arts section of Philadelphia. It's also the home of the RADIOKISMET podcast recording studio. With Arts + Crafts, Craig has been working with the city...