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Live from RADIOKISMET with Christopher Plant

Jun 30, 2021

Christopher Plant sits down with Bon Ku to discuss innovating healthcare, teaching doctors how to think like designers, and community health.

Bon Ku is the Assistant Dean for Health and Design and leads the Medicine and Design initiatives at SKMC. 

You can learn more about Bon Ku via his podcast Design Lab.

Jun 28, 2021

Christopher Plant sits down with Lawren Alice to discuss how to decide which styles of art to display, finding the right artistic medium, and mental health.


Lawren Alice is an artist, muralist, and curator best known for creating vibrant, freehand, flourish pattern designs that are slowly taking over both private and...

Jun 24, 2021

Christopher Plant sits down with Jesse Rendell to discuss being raised in a political family, a joint venture in building an inner city skate park, and Philadelphia grit.

Jesse is the son of former Philadelphia Mayor and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. He is currently a managing director at Afiniti, and local sports...

Jun 14, 2021

Christopher Plant is on location at the Philadelphia Flower show with Donald Pell to discuss the variety of flowers, the life giving process of arranging plants, and turning passion into business.

Donald Pell is a landscape designer who looks to nature to inspire remarkable and immersive gardens that evoke the drama of...