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Live from RADIOKISMET with Christopher Plant

Oct 27, 2020

Christopher Plant sits down with Philadelphia native, Keith Leaphart, to talk about his medical career, the businesses he founded, and how he is helping others innovate their businesses to the rapidly changing economy during Covid 19. Keith Leaphart is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist and physician. Leaphart is the Chair of the Lenfest Foundation, CEO of Replica Creative and founder of Philanthropi. Leaphart describes Philanthropi as LinkedIn for philanthropy with a Venmo platform built underneath it. The Philanthropi platform “is designed to allow individuals to see the collective impact of their giving” by allowing employees to put money aside each paycheck that is then matched by their employer, like a 401K, but instead of retirement, the money is reserved for the individual’s philanthropic pursuits of their choosing. For more information on this platform, go to and follow Keith Leaphart on Instagram @doctorpreneur.